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    Hot Water System Installations

    Our electricians are experts at complete installations of new hot water systems. It is crucial that systems are installed correctly, as problematic systems can end up costing homes a lot of money in electric bills.

    Our hot water service will have your hot water system running quickly in your home or office. Our qualified and experienced electricians will also provide you with handy water and appliance energy saving advice along the way.

    Hot Water System Repairs

    Faulty hot water systems account for huge spends in electricity bills for Sydney homes and offices. In fact, water heating is the third highest category for energy expenses in homes. Signs of a faulty system in need of repairs may include:

    • Inconsistent hot water supply or none at all
    • Inefficient hot water supply, i.e. slow to arrive
    • Leaks around your hot water heater
    • Discolouration and bad smell in water

    Any of these occurrences could mean that your water heater is consuming more electricity than it should be. Already an energy hungry system, people do not want to be spending even more to keep their problematic system running.

    There are a few things that can cause a hot water system to be faulty, including:

    • Loose valves
    • Corroded tank
    • Jammed power supply
    • Faulty heating elements

    H4ORCE’s electricians are specialists in finding and repairing electrical faults or leaks in heaters and hot water systems. After diagnosis, we will provide you with an honest, up-front quote to repair the issues and have your hot water running at full effectiveness once again, saving you money down the track.

    To arrange an inspection of your hot water systems, or to discuss your gas, plumbing or electric services, call us on 0400 446 723

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