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    Exit & Emergency Lighting Installations

    As the leading commercial electricians in Sydney, we know just how essential exit lights are for businesses and in many cases are a requirement. Exits should always be properly identified on business premises by the common green Exit signs. It is also often necessary to have emergency lighting setup that will safely guide people off the premises in the event of emergency. Not having adequate emergency lighting can be against the law.

    Spitfire Emergency Lighting Installations

    Spitfire lights are often used for emergency lighting. They are small LED lights that are attached to batteries and therefore able to illuminate in blackouts or emergencies and provide a guide to the nearest exit point, no matter what the conditions. H4ORCE’s electricians can install spitfire emergency lights at your property to ensure it meets regulations and that the inhabitants are safe from harm.

    H4ORCE have the experience to install the most effective emergency lights and exit signs, protecting your business and the people within it. Call us today on 0400 446 723.

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